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Aggregate x Adapt :: Radius (Black Carabiner)

Aggregate x Adapt :: Radius (Black Carabiner)


The Radius Carabiner. We teamed up with concrete-watch specialists and fellow Bay Area locals Aggregate for this product. We are proud to say that this original design was a 2019 IDEA Awards finalist. We wanted to take a fairly standard item, a carabiner, and design something we had never seen done before, via its floating flywheel mechanism. The result is a functional everyday carry item with the appeal of active movement. We have been testing these in the field and they are perfect solution for securing your keys and small items. 


- 40mm x 84mm x 8mm

- Stainless-steel construction with PVD black coating

- Delrin flywheel/bushing glides end-to-end inside the carabiner

- 3 coated black key rings included

- Natural locking mechanism when upside down

- Enclosed ring keeps key rings from falling out when opened

 Please note that this product will wear naturally with use.