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"He who serves the most, reaps the most."  -Jim Rohn

Charitable giving has been a guiding principle for Adapt since its early stages. This manifested outwardly during the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan in Spring of 2011. We responded with a tee graphic entitled ‘JP’ as a means of allowing our customers to provide aid through the simple act of purchasing a tee. The image took off and within 2 months we were able to contribute $30,000 in donations towards this cause via the American Red Cross. Since then we have created similar campaigns for other causes that we feel strongly about and that we hope our customers can champion as well.

Adap+ (Adapt Plus) is custom branded Adapt product that is sold in a dedicated area of the webstore. All Adap+ purchases convert to a 100% Net Proceeds donation to the particular cause it serves. What this means is that Adapt will contribute the full retail price of the product, minus our costs (cost to produce the shirt/item, process it at our warehouse, and ship it to the end user). We see this as a win-win situation that can make a significant impact towards various causes throughout the world.

Thanks for joining with us to improve the lives of others. In some instances we partner directly with individuals or organizations for Adap+ campaigns. It does NOT have to be a 'large-scale' program for us to consider getting involved--it's just stuff we feel strongly about and would like to support. If you have a particular cause you would like to see considered for the Adap+ program, or just think that we should know about one, please feel free to email us here.